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His Birthday Party Show will make a STAR out of your Child. Dennis Michael is a professional magical entertainer with over 30 years of performing experience. You will never have to worry about an inexperienced performer not entertaining your audience.
When you confirm a booking with Dennis Michael, you receive his TRIPLE GUARANTEE: 1. You are positively GUARANTEED he will be ready to perform when and where you specify; 2. The children will absolutely have fun and enjoy the show; 3. You are 100% Satisfied with the Professional Performance of Dennis Michael.
His work with trained rabbits is simply amazing. Both children and adults will delight in seeing this incredible and lovable animal.
Comedy and humor in his performance will have the audience howling with laughter. Everything is suitable for all audiences and no unsuitable or risqué material is ever used.
Audience participation is a big part of his show and everyone who assists him will receive a gift from Dennnis, It may be Magician's Assistant Certificate suitable for framing or some other small item for their help.
Magic is colorful with lots of audience participation and will be presented which defy the laws of nature and cannot be done -- yet they are.
Balloon animals are optional. They make a lasting impression on those who receive them.
Birthday Party Supllies ordered on line minimizes the hassle in running out and purchasing party goods, and decorations. And, they are a lot less than the party stores. See Birthday Party Express and Order Deluxe Birthday Party Package Today!
Magical Birthday Party is entirely self-contained and nothing need be provided other than an audience wanting to be amazed and mystified, however, if you chose to add games and other activities check out the party planning tips, recipes, and activities sections.
When people talk about and remember the quality of the Magical Birthday Party, they will remember that it was YOU who hired him for the show.
Dennis Michael has two completed two background checks, from his local school/chuch and Boy Scouts of America. These checks are required for anyone involved with children by the school and the Boy Scouts.
Opps that's 11, however, the last one ensures you are getting an individual who has been legally cleared to entertain children in schools, churches, scouting organizations, and other areas where there has been concern regarding their children's safety.
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