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A No-Hassle UNFORGETTABLE Magical Theme Show
As an "Instant Magician", your Child will magically perform a variety of magic tricks. Things will appear and disappear with the wave of the magical wand. He/She will tame Fang the Magical Cobra, and get him to jump out of the Snake Basket to find Momís selected and signed playing card. He/She will make a Rabbit Appear before your very eyes! Also, your child will Float in Mid-Air (Imagine your son or daughter FLOATING in mid-air in YOUR living room!); A stunning conclusion to the show so have your Cameras and Cam Corders ready!

The Deluxe Magical Birthday Party Package is focused on making their Child a Star of the Magical Birthday Party Illusion Show. It includes all of the following items :
  • Your Magical Birthday Party Show is Sixty Minutes
  • Your Magical Birthday Party Show Involves Your Child
  • Your Child is the Star of the Show
  • Your Child Becomes a Performing Instant Magician
  • Your Child Receives the Deluxe Dennis Michael Magic Kit
  • Your Child's Produces a Live Rabbit (Optional)
  • Your Child Will Tame "Fang" the Magical Cobra
  • Your Child Will Float in Mid-Air (A Kodak Moment)
Make A Rabbit AppearHave a No Hassle Magical Theme Birthday PartyFloat in Mid-Air
Have a no hassle Magical Birthday Party Theme Shows. Full Party Favors, Napkins, Cups, Plates, Balloons, Magic Party Favors for 8 Children. You need to supply the cake, ice cream, drinks, Birthday Party Express Deluxe Party Package and the audience members.
Ideal for the working Mom... Decorations, Partyware, Party Favors, etc.
A complete package. You only need to supply food, drinks and Deluxe Party Package.
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