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Graham Cracker Cards

Frost graham-crackers with vanilla frosting. Place 1/4 cup vanilla frosting in small resealable plastic bag add red food coloring and seal the bag. Squeeze the bag until the frosting is well blended. Cut off a bottom corner of the bag to make a small hole. Squeeze bag to lace frosting onto graham crackers in heart and diamond patterns. Now place chocolate frosting in another small resealable plastic bag, and repeat the frosting only this time in club and spade patterns onto remaining half of the graham crackers .

Wand-erful Cookies

Roll out dough and cut using a star-shaped cookie cutter bake. As soon as the cookies come out of the oven, and are still soft to the touch, carefully push a plastic straw between any two points of the star. This makes the handle for your wand.

Frost the cookies with glossy icing. To make glossy icing, simply sift confectioners' sugar into a bowl. Slowly add hot water, while mixing, until it becomes a smooth paste. Add a few drops of food coloring to make a more colorful treat.

Pretzel Wands

Place chocolate frosting in microwave-safe 3-quart glass baking dish. Microwave on HIGH for about 10 seconds or until melted then stir until smooth. Dip pretzel rods in the melted frosting, turning to coat completely. Then roll the rods in candy sprinkles. Then place on a foil-lined cookie sheet. Refrigerate 30 minutes or until frosting is set.

Place sheet of foil on work surface. Place vanilla frosting in small microwave-safe bowl. Microwave on HIGH for 10 seconds or until softened. Dip 1 inch of each coated pretzel in vanilla frosting; place wands on foil. Let stand about 4 hours or until frosting is set.

Ice Cream Bunnies

Scoop a large ice cream ball for each guest. Roll the balls in coconut flakes and set each on a flattened cupcake wrapper. Use black jelly beans for the rabbit's eyes and a red jelly bean for its nose. Use marshmallow for paws and tail. Cut out "ears" from pink construction paper, or use halved sugar cookies for the rabbit's ears. Freeze until ready to serve.

Bunny in a Hat Cake

Place a 9 inch round cake, trimmed side down, on top of an 8 inch layer cake to form brim of hat. Frost with chocolate frosting. Now make a bunny head "poping out" of the hat. To do this, first make a "ball" by spreading a small amount of vanilla frosting on the cut surface of 2 trimmed custard-cup cakes and then place frosted surfaces of cakes together. Place ball on top of 9-inch round cake. Insert bamboo skewers through head and hat to secure it. A couple inches of the skewers will stick out the top. Stick cookies shaped like ears onto the skewers. Frost bunny head and ears with vanilla frosting. Cut a large marshmallow in half for paws resting on the brim of the hat. Cut a miniature marshmallow in half for the eyes. With just a little frosting, attach blue candies to marshmallows to finish the eys. Use licorice for whiskers. A nose can by made from cut fruit roll pieces, as well as the inside of ears and a bow tie.

Magic Hat Ice Cream Cupcakes

Cut the tops off of chocolate cupcakes,turn them over and use choice of icing. Just when you are about to serve the cake and ice cream, use a round larger cookie cutter, cut ice cream packs so they are round and place cup cake on top of ice cream.

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