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Serving Southern NJ & Philadelphia Area
AbracadabraYour Child's Dream Becomes a Reality!Tame a Cobra
Watch as your Child magically makes things appear interactive brokers binary options and disappear with a wave of the wand including a rabbit. Imagine seeing your child floating in mid-air, and taming a cobra.

All this and much more in the Deluxe 60-minute Fun-Filled Magical Birthday Party Show specifically designed to make Your Child a Magician for the Day. And, No Rehearsals Required!
(Participation is not required, but it makes for an unforgettable experience.)
PrestoCommonly Asked QuestionsPresto
1.What Packages do you Offer?
There were three packages, the Basic Package did not have the live Rabbit and Floating the Child. The Silver Package also did not have the Child Producing a Rabbit. Since these magic tricks are so important in the show, they should not be eliminated, therefore, only one package is now offered. The Deluxe Package!
2.What is your Price?
The Dennis Michael Magic Show includes, an illusion, numerous large magic tricks and heavily involves all the children. The price of the show is comparable to the best professional magicians in the Tri-State Area for an hour of fun, laughter, and magical mystery. Think about this, what price should one pay for a quality magic show that will be remembered for a lifetime?
3.Where will you travel to perform?
New Jersey, Pennsyvania, and Delaware, the Tri-State Area is where I perfer to perform, however, I have been known to perform in other state. You can ask, and I will let you know if I will be in your area. I love taking vacations in other States.
4.What do you provide and what do I need to provide?>
The Dennis Michael Magic Show is self contained. You need to provide a space for setting up the magic show. The children can sit on the floor or chairs.
5.How long are you at the party?
I perfer to arrive about 45-minutes ahead of time to set-up, perform for an hour, and re-pack my show in 15 minutes, for a total of two hours. Some times, I have back-to-back shows, in which case I ask that the show be started on the scheduled time.
6.How many guests are allowed to attend?
The is no limit to the number of guests.
7.How involved would my Child be in the show?
Your Child is involved as much as he/she wants to be. Some children perfer not to get involved, which is OK and other children are selected. As for floating a child, it is important that the child is old enough to follow instructions. Sometimes, a sister or brother may be substituted, or an age appropriate child for this one illusion.
8.Will you provide the show within my home?
Yes, this is perferred, then performing outdoors where the wind blows away some of the magic hankerchiefs or maybe the Bunny might get loose and hop away.
9.Is your show age group appropriate?
Absolutely! The Dennis Michael Show adjusts the show based on the ages and gender of the audience. This is so much easier when the mix of the audience is known beforehand, however, I do bring extra tricks and switch out tricks based on the ages of the children.
10.How long of a notice should I give you so I can book your show?
It is perferred that I receive at least a month notice because weekends fill up quickly, however, call and there may be an opening because I do do Morning, Afternoon and Evening shows and an opening may be available that fits your needs.
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